Our history in food manufacturing began in 1987 when we started as a “designer–egg” wholesaler. After a number of years of careful research, and with our experience in the egg industry, we founded Nature’s Farm™ in 1993 and introduced Nature’s Pasta™ – an upscale, gourmet product designed to set a new standard in taste, texture, and quality. We have also added a new line of specialty eggs – Nature’s Farm™ Smart Eggs™ – available in free run and organic varieties.

Located in Steinbach, Manitoba, Canada, our family farm has fertile prairie acreage and a small poultry operation. Our Nature’s Farm™ Smart Eggs™ go through stringent quality inspection at our egg–grading facility, and from there they are shipped directly to our pasta–making facility. The Nature’s Pasta™ manufaktur* is an efficient, modern, purpose–built facility where our family members, along with dedicated local employees, mix, produce, package, and ship out thousands of bags of fresh pasta every week.

Our all–natural pasta products – made with Nature’s Farm™ Smart Eggs™ – have met with enthusiastic response from professional chefs, food critics, and gourmet cooks. Nature’s Pasta™ has been featured at food shows by award–winning chefs, and today our products appear on the menus of some of the finest restaurants in Canada and the U.S. Our products are also used in loving homes as part of a healthy family diet.

We attribute our success at Nature’s Farm™ to a solid work ethic and stringent adherence to best practices – rooted in respect for old–world traditions, and our dedication to a healthy world and sustainable farming. As part of our commitment to ecological sustainability and stewardship, we have developed innovative packaging that minimizes environmental impact. This includes a 100% wood–pulp film pasta bag that can be put into your compost.

* manufaktur – fr. Latin – small, artisan–style manufacturing operation…

Our Philosophy

At Nature’s Farm™ we believe in honesty, integrity, fairness, good stewardship, and hard work. We also believe in the importance of holistic and sustainable practices, and preserving the future for our children and our children’s children. We value innovation and progress (continual improvement is a Leitmotif here), yet we hold a deep–seated respect for proven traditions and previous best practices.

We are guided by core values that influence our individual and collective conduct, and we strive to have our actions reflect these values in practical and accountable ways – whether that is achieved through environmental packaging decisions, best management practices, or the respect we show to others through our daily thoughts, words and deeds.

Our Guarantee

Simply put, we stand behind what we produce. We take great pride in our products, and our wish is for you to enjoy their natural flavour, freshness, and goodness. If for any reason you are not satisfied, we will refund the purchase price.

Get Involved

Some of the biggest problems facing this planet stem from consumer choices. The electricity we use, the car we drive, and the food we eat all make a difference because these choices, like so many others, ultimately impact us all.

The green consumer is thoughtful, restrained, assiduous and discerning when it comes to making buying decisions. These disciplines, and the knowledge to follow through on them, doesn’t happen overnight, and time is needed to transition to greener buying habits. It requires effort to learn more about the products you use and the companies behind them. Nothing less than a consumer movement that boycotts flagrant polluters, rejects excessive packaging, and seeks out non–toxic and sustainable alternatives will issue the directive to corporations that their principles must be consistent with, not at odds with, environmental values. Only then will we start to see technologies, practices, and products that defy and adulterate environmental and public health replaced by ones that respect those issues.

  • We are always seeking earth friendly products to minimize our carbon footprint and cultivate a sustainable environment.
  • We use 100% compostable material for our pasta bags.
  • We are adopting greener habits, embracing the reuse, reduce, and recycle principle wherever possible.
  • We use organic cleaning materials (Swish All Purpose Organic Cleaner).