Food Shed


Foodshed; used to describe a region of food flows; from the land that it’s grown on to the route it travels, to the area it is produced, to the place it is consumed.

Welcome to our foodshed at the corner of Main and Life Science Parkway.

We proudly present Nature’s Farm products, Free Run Omega 3 Smart Eggs, Home Style Egg Pasta and slow roasted granola.

In addition to our house-made offerings we procure goods from local farmers, gardeners, bakers and hand crafters.

The incredible harvest of our region along with the care and attention of our providers, enables us to give you something special from your backyard.

As makers and eaters we stand up for family farms, healthy soil, unsprayed crops and food systems that value health for people and the planet. Please join us, we can all claim our place as agents of change.