Organic 6-Pack Large

Omega-3 Organic  Our organic Nature’s Farm™ Smart Eggs™ are the result of years of research and innovation, combined with our philosophy of flock welfare.  All grains, seeds and grasses fed to our organic hens are GMO free, grown without herbicides or pesticides, and their feed – which contains no animal by–products, antibiotics or synthetic yolk colour ingredients – are certified by International Certification Services, Inc. (and all supplier sources are verified). These hens enjoy the benefits of our unique Swiss aviary barn environment and they also have seasonal outdoor access, weather permitting.

  • Certified by by International Certification Services, Inc.
  • Seasonal outdoor access
  • Grains, seeds, and grasses fed to our hens are GMO free, grown without risky herbicides or pesticides
  • Nest-laid by free roaming hens
  • Feed contains no animal by-products, antibiotics, or synthetic yolk colour ingredients
  • Strictly vegetarian diet with generous amount of flaxseed
  • Excellent source of omega-3 polyunsaturates*
  • Nature’s Farm™ Smart Eggs™ provide increased levels of lutein**

* Omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids are important for lowering blood triglyceride levels and have been associated with a reduced level of heart disease

** Lutein is an antioxidant helpful to promote healthy eyes and skin


  •   Omega 3
  •   Free Run
Organic 6-Pack Large Nutrition Info