Wild Rice Linguine

Alternative Grains - GMO FREE

3mm wide. This Wild Rice Pasta is full of rich hearty flavour, sweet and earthy with a chewy texture. Made from Manitoba harvested wildrice and free run eggs. This pasta is rich in Omega 3 & 6 essential fatty acids.

Our Alternative Grains line is made with locally sourced, stone milled organic grains and our farm-fresh free–run eggs. This line is flavor-rich, high in protein and fiber. Eat well be well!

Only 2 ingredients! Less is more.

Cook Time: 7 min.

Ingredients: organic durum semolina, organic wild rice flour, organic fresh free run eggs. Contains: wheat, eggs

  •   Omega 3
  •   Protein
  •   Free Run
  •   Fibre
  •   Iron
  •   Whole Grain
Wild Rice Linguine Nutrition Info