Our Story Began...

In 1991, Nature's Farm started selling eggs. Our farm began by eliminating all animal by-products and antibiodics in our feed, starting our journey of commitment to human health, animal welfare, and a sustainable planet.

The pasta

A couple of years later, we launched Nature's Farm Pasta, our artisinal farm fresh egg pasta. Most of our pastas use only two ingredients - our own farm fresh eggs, and prairie-grown durum semolina.

Going Organic

In 2003 we launched the first certified Organic Omega-3 egg in Canada, continuing our journey towards sustainability


In 2008 we started making granola in our own kitchen, and realized it was too good not to share.

Ethically raised

Certified Humane

We are proud to be the first laying hen farm in Canada to become Certified Humane. We put the welfare of our feathered friends first. All our hens are free to roam, forage, perch, dust bath, and enjoy the sunshine.

Spaghetti Carbonara